HALF PRICE ($8.99) ceramic bearings when purchased with Amarok


It all started with a frustration with the lack of innovation in modern yoyo design.



Being involved with yoyoing for several years taught us that true innovations that drive the hobby forward are uncommon, and brands that constantly push the boundaries even rarer. Combined with the underrepresented British yoyo scene, we decided it was time to become the change we want to see.


Not the 99% 

We feel yoyo design shouldn’t be an uninspired combination of a standard size bearing, response, and a V, W, or O shaped aluminium body. In any field, copying the established method of design that the majority follow will lead to mediocrity rather than a creative breakthrough.


A distain for the ordinary


Ordinary may be acceptable for some, but for the hobby to develop in unexpected and interesting ways, we must innovate together. To push the boundaries of what is possible, we believe a fresh approach to design is needed to make it possible for you to express your own style in new ways.


Together we are the 1%


Breaking the paradigm is inherently as challenging as it is risky. It demands the extra attention, testing, research, and development which is why other yoyo brands won’t do it.


You may be wondering “Why do you do it?”, you may even think we’re crazy to take the risk. To us, the answer is simple: safe rarely leads to exceptional.


Maybe we are a little crazy, but we refuse to settle for the known, the safe, the path already travelled. Those who believe they’re crazy enough to change something are often the ones who do.


The Vision


We’re not here to just make yoyos that look cool. We are here to inject new ideas in to the sport that allow players can use to express their own creative style while pushing the boundaries of what is possible - challenging the status quo. Whether you are a trick innovator or casual player looking for a fresh experience, together we will make yoyoing a more varied, diverse, and interesting sport.


Now it’s over to you to push the boundaries.